Hi there.

I'm Patryk Chwedorowicz, a multidisciplinary
Creative and Art Director from 

I set up 'Hire an Art Director' project because I'm urgently looking for an opportunity in Southeast Asia based agency. Likewise I'm crazy about advertising. Therefore, I'd love to take you on a creative journey for this 1 minute.

> What is it exactly?
Basically it's a short story which I'd like to share with you. Below you can see several illustrations - each for every day of the week. Funny facts about Poland (where I come from) combined with realities of agency and a bit of my professional background. I hope this visual narration would help answer one question: "Why hiring talent like mine can complement your creative team?".


Shall we begin?
it's DAY 1 - Hungry Monday


DAY 2 - Thirsty Tuesday


DAY 3 - Busy Wednesday


DAY 4 - Productive Thursday


DAY 5 - Friday countdown  (the finale)


> Thanks for watching!
If you have  brief bullets & vacancy, I'm a gun for hire.

Feel free to ask me anything you need