Leaflet (front) + Board Game (back)
Nowe Zamienie.

folding game board   X   leaflet   X   brochure  X  pack of cards


whole set consist of paper bag, folding game board (here unfold, top of the scene),
leaflet (down, back side of the board game), brouchure (front cover), pack of cards, pawns.

LEAFLET (back side of the board)

Some benefits of living at the Nowe Zamienie (left)
and exemplary sketch of a 3 room apartment (right).


Reds are for tasks caried out at the board game (32 cards). For each task
players earn points - 1, 2 or 3 points - depends on difficulty of a task.


Game if finished when the estate is fully improved (8 blue cards taken)
or/and all 32 red cards with tasks.The winner is player with most points.

Nowe Zamienie is the brand new estate near Warsaw
people friendly attitude. Community have opportunity
to influence their surroundings and create unconstrained

social connections. Finally, investments will be consisted
of 8 self-sufficient parts with rich infrastructure as well as
be part of the whole big, living matrix called Nowe Zamienie.


We decided to create something that shows living friendly concep
of this housing estate, its surroundings, map that shows location
and helpful access. We wanted to mix information with opportunity
to experience Nowe Zamienie through having some fun!
That's why back side of the unfold brochure is a game which
You can play with friends, familly or Your children.


BOARD GAME    /    Unfold paper board   /    480x480mm


Some Warsaw iconic places are highlighted on the board - Palace of Culture
and Science
at the centre of Warsaw, Warsaw horse race truck, zoo, business
(Mokotów, office buildings along and nearby Domaniecka st.),
district of socialistic block of flats (Ursynów), Kabacki forest, etc.


ICONIC PLACES   /    illustration

Social life is one ot the most important assumption of Nowe Zamienie
estate. Each part of investment will be people friendly and will give
great opportunity to spend some time relaxing at the lake shore,
execrising on green fields or playing with kids on playgrounds.

SOCIAL LIFE   /    illustration

For example to complete one task player have to go (move on the board game)
from Nowe Zamienie to centre of Warsaw to visit Zoo (first image, below).
Or go with friends to see horse racing (central image, below).


TASKS   /    illustration